Turn Auctions offers a 14 day post sale inspection (PSI) for $175

PSIs are performed by our partner auctions

A PSI is required for purchase of the warranty

Coverage terms:

  • Vehicles must be less than 125k miles
  • Vehicle must be green or yellow light
  • Vehicle purchase price must be over $3,000
  • Items covered under the PSI
    • Odometer verification
    • Frame damage
    • Transmission functions
    • Engine operation
    • 4×4 system engagement
    • ABS and brake function
    • Emission control equipment present
    • SRS check
    • Flood inspection
    • Electrical accessories checked for function
    • A/C operation
  • Seller disclosed items are not inspected or guaranteed
  • If the partner auction determines that the repairs of any one item exceeds $500, then the vehicle is deemed to have failed inspection.