Turn Auctions is a mobile and desktop-based platform for wholesale auto transactions. Turn Auctions runs 15 minute auctions for dealers/independent auction partners to sell vehicles.


  • Auctions/dealers submit vehicles for the auction with photographs and a condition report
  • Turn determines the best running slot for the vehicle and schedules the auction
  • Users preview the vehicles running in each auction group prior to the start of the auction and place proxy bids 
  • Users bid on the vehicles during the 15 minute auction
  • If a bidder is successful, winning bidder is notified and arranges payment and transportation
  • If the reserve is not met, Turn works with the seller and highest bidder to facilitate the sale
  • If an auction does not result in a sale, buyers can still make an offer on the vehicle 


  • Post sale inspections performed by experienced auto auctions
  • Warranty program on purchased vehicles

Turn Auctions access is only available to licensed auto dealers and auctions.